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  • How breathing stabilizes our lower back

  • Easy breathing technique to relieve lower back pain

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Author: Andrea Cooper, Owner and Founder of PILATEA®


How Breathing Stabilizes our Lower Back


Breathing is the first principle of Pilates I teach when introducing someone to the  movement system. Breathing facilitates proper muscle activation which ensures the safety of the exercises. When I am teaching, I am continuously cueing my client’s breath, and in my personal practice, every movement has a corresponding breath.  

Lower back pain is so common, especially for those who sit all day at work, then sit to eat, then sit to watch tv or read. Fortunately, our lower back pain may be relieved by deep breathing. When we sit up straight and exhale continuously, cool things happen.

When we exhale deeply abdominal muscles contract and stabilize our torso. Even more amazingly, a deep spinal muscle called the multifidus contracts and stabilizes our pelvis and entire spinal column. Our multifidus is thickest at our lower back. Toward the end of a deliberate and complete exhale, this muscle buttresses our spine similar to tightening shoe laces.

We wouldn’t go for a long walk or take a Bosu cardio class with floppy shoes. Same goes for our spine.  When the multifidus maintains its tone, our spinal joints stay stable and protected from the friction of daily life, reducing risk of the “D” word:  Degeneration.


Easy Breathing Technique to Relieve Lower Back Pain


 One of my favorite types of breathing, and the first breath I teach, is diaphragmatic (belly) breathing.


Let’s breathe together

Sit up nice and straight, placing your hands on your low belly.

Take a deep breath in.

Push the air down into your low belly and low back…

Now exhale…

Draw your belly button to your spine…

Feel your torso narrowing and lengthening…

Hold it….

And take another big breath in, filling your pelvis…

Exhale, pulling your low belly in tight…

Stay sitting tall…

Heck yeah! Again.

Big breath in…

Push the air down into your low belly and low back…

Slow exhale…

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Feel those vertebral shoe laces cinching.

And breathe normally. 


The next time you notice your lower back aching because you have been dutifully hunched over your computer for the last few hours, try sitting up straight and taking a few slow belly breaths to reset your lower back. We only get one so let’s appreciate its magnificence.


The Present Moment


Step 1. Breathing: Bring yourself back to the present. Foster self-love by holding space.

Breathing is the foundation of many movement and mindfulness practices. Most of the time in our daily life we take the power and influence of breathing for granted. It helps to bring us out of the static of the past or future and back into the clarity of the present moment. Breathing takes us out of the oblivious and back into the obvious. 

Try ten slow and deliberate breaths. Are you more awake?


"Breathing is the first act of life, and the last. Our very life depends on it."

-Joseph Pilates-


Next Up  

Have a good day. You are fabulous.


* The information included in this website is not to be construed as, or substituted for, medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  

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