What is PILATEA®


"Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit." -Joseph Pilates-

So well said. For me, the practice of Pilates runs much deeper than merely exercise. It truly is a practice in fostering a whole and thriving mind, body, and spirit.

I care deeply about the wellbeing of others and my career as an instructor fully aligns with my true self. I love helping people feel more powerful and confident in their bodies. My ultimate goal in life is to uplift those around me and I often feel frustrated that I am only reaching a handful of people at a time, one hour at a time.




Over the past twenty-five years of practicing the movement system and the past eleven years teaching the principles of Pilates, I have expanded those principles into concepts that weave throughout mind, body and spirit as a way of living and being in my everyday life.

Summer of 2020 I was meditating on the thought of uplifting others on a broader scale and the word PILATEA® popped into my head. The word bloomed into an idea that maybe, just maybe, I could be brave enough to share with others these expanded concepts I have kept close to my heart for so long. With a lot of enthusiasm and a little courage I slowly started taking steps toward making PILATEA® a tangible thing.

I trademarked the word, established a wholesale partnership with The Tea Spot in Colorado, designed packaging, built a website, wrote blogs with movement tips and tea recipes, and designed a reset guide to help others along their food and fitness journeys. I'm learning as I go and the brand is in its infancy but I'm having a wonderful time. So what is PILATEA®?

PILATEA® is a collection of six high-quality, whole leaf teas, each representing one of the six original principles of Pilates: Breathing, Concentration, Center, Control, Precision and Flow. These principles are the foundation of the Pilates movement system and are what Joseph Pilates strived to infuse into his students’ practice.  More beautifully, each principle can thread into all aspects of our lives. 

My hope is that PILATEA® will not only provide a healthy beverage but also unite a community focused on practicing a loving and constructive inner voice, strengthening our choice to take excellent care of ourselves and encouraging each other to eat nutrient rich foods, move our bodies efficiently, and definitively achieve our goals. 

So, let's sip tea and have conversations that propel us toward radiance in mind, body and spirit. 


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Introduction to the Journey


-Andrea Cooper-

Founder and Owner of PILATEA®