Welcome to the Journey

Below are the expanded concepts of the six original principles of Pilates pruned down to their essence. I think of them as mantras. These mantas are woven into a twelve blog series that will take you through a six-step reset to help you foster a resilient inner voice, achieve your goals, and cultivate radiance in mind, body, and spirit. The blogs also have information about the principles of Pilates, six movement tips easily performed sitting in a chair, and six delicious tea recipes.

Here are the six steps of the journey toward a lifestyle full of color, power and wonder. Maybe these steps will strike a chord in you as they did me. _______________________________________________________________________


The six PILATEA® Mantras to Cultivate Radiance in Mind, Body and Spirit


  1. Breathing: Bring yourself back to the present. Foster self-love by holding space.
  2. Concentration: Focus on where you are. Be brave enough to accept your starting place.
  3. Center: Connect to your purpose. Look inward to find your truth and define your goals.
  4. Control: You are in charge. Restore your power by owning your journey.
  5. Precision: Aim at your truth. Create big change by shifting small habits.
  6. Flow: Go for it. Ignite momentum toward your evolution.


Blog 1. Easy Breathing Technique to Relieve Lower Back Pain