The PILATEA Collection in white tea cups representing the 6 original Pilates Principles.
Sample the collection
Sample the collection

Sample the collection

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2 sachets of each tea


"Everyone is the architect of their own happiness."

-Joseph Pilates-


Breathing Peppermint Tea

Ingredients: Organic USA-grown peppermint leaf tea.

This refreshing tea invigorates body and soul.


Concentration Black and Pu-erh Tea

Ingredients: Organic pu-erh tea, organic black tea, organic orange peel, natural vanilla flavoring.

A tea to raise your focus with citrus and vanilla undertones.

Center White Tea

Ingredients: Organic white tea, organic jasmine pearls, organic rose pedals.

A grounding tea uniting soft floral and fresh jasmine fragrance.


Control Oolong Tea

Ingredients: Pesticide-free high-mountain Oolong tea.

A supremely botanic tea with a buttery consistency. 


Precision Green Tea

Ingredients: Organic green tea from Zhejiang Province, China.

A striking tea with an appropriately vegetal hum.


Flow Herbal Chai Tea

Ingredients: Organic ginger root, organic cinnamon, organic fennel, organic peppercorns, organic sarsaparilla root, organic turmeric, organic nettle, natural chai flavoring.

An elegant tea with warm and peppery notes.


Your samples come with a booklet containing information about each tea in the collection. Enjoy the sampling.


*The roomy tea sachets allow the whole tea leaves to expand properly.  They are made of a certified non-GMO sugarcane-based material called NeoSoilon®. They do not contain petroleum-based plastics and are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

*Two sachets of each tea come in strong, clear, high quality, food grade, environmentally friendly polytene bags. The polytene bags come in reusable, natural cotton sacks.

Distributed by: The Tea Spot. Louisville, CO 80027